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Top Royale Hair Straighteners: Highly Efficient And Affordable

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Grooming products are an integral part of everybody’s life. With so many grooming products available in the market, it becomes easier for people to change their style and looks. Hair straighteners are one of the key aspects to grooming, as a beautiful hairstyle can bring dramatic changes to the personality of a person. Royale, a popular company from the US is known for making world-class grooming products including hair straighteners. You all must be thinking, what’s so special in Royale hair straighteners? Well, there are multiple things that make Royale hair straighteners such as, the sleek design, cutting-edge technology, precise functionality and loads of other spectacular features. Since Royale has launched various hair straighteners in the market, we will discuss four most popular and widely used ones.

Prominent Hair Straighteners By Royale

Well, we all aspire to use the best-in-class hair straighteners because only they offer outstanding hairstyles along with complete protection of hair. Many people have complained about damaged hair while using hair straighteners. Royale has taken a note of this thing and launched products, which serves perfectly on all the aspects. Whether users want to create different styles like curls and waves or just straightening hair, everything can be done with Royale hair straighteners. Let us check out which are the top four hair straighteners by Royale.

Here Are Short Reviews For These Top Four Royale Hair Straighteners

Royale Black Full Set 25-18 mm Clipless Tourmaline Curling Iron + Mini Flat Iron Travel Size + Classic Hair Straightener


  • The product contains a 1.5” classic straightener and mini straightener that allows users to straighten hair at home or when they are on the move.
  • With Nano Silver technology, it is easy to style and clean hair simultaneously.
  • Moisture and essential oils in the hair are sealed perfectly using Far Infrared technology.
  • The product comes with 8 metres swivel cord for hassle free operation.
  • It comes with a professional temperature heat controller that allows users to choose from 80C to 230C.


  • There is no safety shut off in the product, so users should remember that they have to turn the iron off after using the device.

Customers Review:

Royale Flat Iron Classic Peacock


  • Users can create any style of their choice, no matter how classy or extravagant.
  • It fits nicely into the purse or any small bag, so users can take it anywhere.
  • This hair straightener produces heat quickly, allowing users to style their hair on the fly.
  • The product is equipped with highly advanced and sophisticated technology, which makes it easier for people to use this spectacular hair straightener.


  • Heating time is comparatively slow, as other hair straighteners have shown a better response in terms of heating.

Customers Review:

Royale Professional Ceramic Classic Straightening Iron - Baby Blue - Dual Voltage


  • 360 degrees swivel cord makes it easier for the users to use this hair straightener.
  • Nano Silver technology allows styling and cleaning of hair at the same time.
  • Dual voltage.
  • It has an Infrared technology for even distribution of heat.


  • If dropped from a few feet distance, the product can be broken.
  • The quality of iron ceramic plates is not that good.

Customers Review:

New Royale Black 1.5" Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron/ Hair Straightener (Royale)


  • The iron plates are made from 100% ceramic to provide fast and efficient heating.
  • The plates are coated with Nano silver technology that locks moisture in the hair and prevents frizzy hair.
  • The iron plates can heat up to 230 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the heat settings are adjustable.
  • This hair straightener has a lightweight design that makes it comfortable for users.
  • Eight metres swivel cord also offers better control.


  • Heating of plates is not as quick as in other hair straighteners.
  • The iron is made of the usual plastic, so it can break if dropped from a decent height.

Customers Review:

How To Buy These Hair Straighteners?

Royale Hair straighteners are extremely popular with the users due to their affordable price and dozens of features. You need to be sure regarding the usage, as some hair straighteners are ideal for home use and some gets handy when a person is in a hurry. Here are a few aspects that you can keep in mind before buying a hair straightener.


Technology used

Heat up time

There are many online stores that sell Royale hair straighteners, but it is important for users to choose a reputed store for quality products and assured warranty.

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Question: Are these authentic Royale products?

Yes, they are all 100% authentic products coming from the house of Royale

Question: Are the iron plates coated with 100% genuine Ceramic?

Yes, the ceramic plates are of the top quality and 100% genuine, so there is no need to worry about your hair. These hair straighteners don’t fry your hair.

Question: Can these hair straighteners be used on both dry and wet hair?

Using on wet hair is not recommended. The hair straighteners works extremely well on dry hair.

Question: Do these machines have auto shut off feature?

No, they don’t have auto shut off feature

Question: Is there a temperature control on these hair straighteners?

Yes, all hair straighteners have temperature control feature.

Question: What’s the warranty period for these products?

Royale is providing 5 year warranty on these hair straighteners.​

Frequently Asked Question

Guide For Using These Hair Straighteners


Royale is known for making simple yet elegant products. The same goes out for hair straighteners, which are among the most prominent products manufactured by Royale. The four hair straighteners mentioned above are quite easy to use. There is nothing complicated about using these products and one can easily use it on a daily basis. All the hair straighteners, Royale Black Full Set 25-18 mm Clipless Tourmaline Curling Iron + Mini Flat Iron Travel Size + Classic Hair Straightener, Royale Flat Iron Classic Peacock, Royale Professional Ceramic Classic Straightening Iron - Baby Blue - Dual Voltage, New Royale Black 1.5" Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron/ Hair Straightener doesn’t have too many options, which makes it easier for users with minimum knowledge about gadgets to use these products.In order to use these hair straighteners, users need to plug in the power cord into the power supply. The iron plates take a bit of a time to heat up, so wait for a few minutes. Once plates are hot enough, users can use the hair straighteners for straightening their hair and creating different styles. An important thing to keep in mind is, not to touch ceramic iron plates during operation because they can reach to 240 degrees Celsius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is good enough to cause damage to your skin.

How To Maintain Royale Hair Straightener?

Royale products are really easy to maintain. They don’t have any complicated parts or operation, so using and maintaining them is simple. The hair straighteners made by Royale are made using quality plastic, which won’t break until it is dropped from a significant height. The ceramic iron plates used in the hair straighteners are also 100% authentic. There is nothing much involved in maintaining the hair straighteners. Dust and marks can be removed using a damped cloth followed by a dry one. An important thing to keep in mind is, not to put the hair straightener in the water, as it can cause damage to the product.

Tips And Tricks When Buying Royale Hair Straightener

  • Determine your use: People usually buy products just because they look fancy and feature-packed. It is important to determine whether they need those features or not. There are many features in the hair straighteners, which may seem useless to many people, therefore it is better to buy a lower model of the hair straightener. Less features mean less cost, so it will be a beneficial approach.
  • The size of the hair straightener: A majority of hair straighteners made by Royale is compact and sleek, still the size varies. Better check the size of the product because some users want to buy portable hair straighteners, so they can’t buy a standard sized hair straightener.
  • Check reviews given by other customers: Reviews will help users buy hair straighteners in a better way. It is important to make sure that the reviews must be from the genuine websites.
  • Compare prices: It is better to compare prices of hair straighteners from different websites in order to get the best price. There won’t be much difference in the price, but as they say, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.
  • Check the warranty on the product: When users buy products from third-party websites, the warranty period needs to be paid attention to. Every site provides warranty according to its own convenience. So, users can choose a website that provides the maximum warranty.


Hair straighteners are extremely useful for those who want to create instant hairstyle without any hassle. Many people face trouble sorting their hair in the morning before going to the work. Royale Hair Straighteners are highly efficient devices that can simplify the process of getting rid of frizzy hair. Many hair straighteners tend to damage hair because of the uneven distribution of heat. But, Royale has used far infrared technology in their hair straighteners, which distributes heat evenly in the iron ceramic plates. Royale Hair Straighteners don’t cause any damage to the hair; on the contrary, it has Nano Silver technology that style and clean hair simultaneously. Besides straightening of hair, Royale hair straighteners can also be used to create different styles that help boost the personality of the users.Royale doesn’t charge too much, so users who are looking to buy Royale hair straighteners can easily buy them at cheap prices. Regarding a question that, where to buy Royale hair straighteners, the right answer would be, a highly reputed store that offers quality products and assured warranty. Royale has always come up with spectacular products over the years and the hair straighteners we have discussed in this post are no different. People who want to buy Royale hair straighteners won’t regret at all. On the contrary, they will experience an unforgettable experience of great hairstyles. So, don’t wait any longer and get the best hair straightener from a reputed online store.

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